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Now get good discounts on laboratory tests, book your online appointment with Tarmata.

Tarmata is a name you can trust for online laboratory booking. We have both modes – website and mobile application, of connecting you with the certified laboratory near you. So now you need not worry about running to different laboratories for checking their services and rate lists.

Let us address the elephant in the room, the biggest concern- why must you use our services. Answering the concern, we have a perfect deal for you. That is handsome discounts that you get when you book an online laboratory appointment with us. We provide you up to 80% of discount on laboratory appointments. We have a wide spectrum of discounts, like- up to 20%, up to 30%, up to 50% and above 50%, most of these categories of discount are already available and some are coming up soon.

It is said that the only sector where bargaining does not work is a medical sector. You may bargain on vegetables, fruits, and other clothing’s prices but when a doctor generate a bill, you have to pay the exact amount. This is what I use to hear from my parents and grandparents. But now is the time to change that fact. As the medical sector advanced, so does the competition among them. There used to be days when merely one or two laboratories happen to be in a city. But in today’s time, there is a big pool of laboratories, and we pick the best for you, that too at best prices with good discounts. This is our step towards better laboratory functioning, so you get the best place to get your almost all check-ups done, taking care of your wallet. According to the above-mentioned categories, you can simply pick up the suitable category and under that category of discounts, you would find many laboratories, out of a big pool of laboratories around you.






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